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October 11, 2017
  •  Jessica Milligan

How To Get the Best Nights Sleep

When I say the words “healthy lifestyle,” I can guess what goes through your head: vegetables, cardio, drinking lots of water, less sugar. But how often do we consider sleep when we think about improving our health? Typically, it never crosses a person’s mind, but it is one of the MOST important parts of our... Read More >
July 19, 2017
  •  Sarah Pendrick

A Self-Love Morning 5 Easy Steps To Start

Have you ever heard the saying, your day is formed by how you spend your first hour? Over the years, I have found that what you do and what you think from the moment you wake up will make or break your day. Having a positive and loving morning routine is essential to being happy. As... Read More >
December 7, 2016
  •  Britt Martin

Cultivating a Mindful Morning and Nighttime Ritual

While you may not realize it, you already have a morning and nighttime ritual that you do on a daily basis. Do you shower? Brush your teeth? Watch TV? More than likely, you answered yes to all of these things. But what about approaching your morning and nightly rituals more mindfully? You can do this... Read More >