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September 13, 2017
  •  Jason Sani

Making Healthy Taste Good on a Budget

Jason Sani shares how you can spend less than $50 per week/person with all of the necessities to eating healthy. In addition, how more disposable income can allow some premium sweeteners and conscious comfort foods. Jason Sani is the author of Making Healthy Taste Good. He is a trained and licensed Culinary Nutritionist that has worked... Read More >
June 21, 2017
  •  Britt Martin

Yoga Poses for better digestion and less bloat

Feeling bloated is never comfortable or fun but can happen to anyone. It commonly occurs from poor eating habits like not chewing your food well enough, multi-tasking, or eating mindlessly. Being bloated can also be related to stress, PMS, weak digestion, poor food combining for those with sensitive stomachs (such as eating starch with protein,... Read More >
June 7, 2017
  •  Jason Sani

3 things that you can do more of and 3 things that you can do less of for more brainpower.

Do you ever stop to wonder about your brain and how it functions? Or the ways you can improve your brain power. Higher levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) are associated with increased intelligence, mood, productivity, and memory along with decreased risks of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s. All it takes are just a... Read More >
March 2, 2017
  •  Kaleigh McMordie

Butternut Squash Black Bean Tacos

Squash is having a huge moment, and I kind of love it. All kinds of winter squash are popping up everywhere, in the form of noodles, on pizza, as delicious winter side dishes and in all kinds of salads. So much deliciousness to soak in! One of my favorite winter squash varieties is butternut squash.... Read More >
January 18, 2017
  •  Kelsey Lee


There are some superfoods that could easily stand out above the rest, but don’t get the recognition they deserve. The Sea Buckthorn Berry, also known as the Sand Thorn, Sallowthorn or Seaberry, is one of those, as it is rather uncommon in North America. Sea Buckthorn offers a medley of therapeutic and nutritional benefits that... Read More >