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5 Yoga Poses for Runners

Yoga has serious benefits for runners, including improving flexibility, easing aches and pains, and helping with recovering from long runs and races. Yoga helps with stability and core strength and opens up the lungs so runners can breathe more deeply. Whether you’re a long distance runner or just somebody who likes to get outside for… Read More >

5 Benefits of Meditation

Not long ago, the benefits of meditation were merely products of speculation. But now scientific proof, top athletes, and the world’s most powerful people are meditating daily. From stress reduction and pain relief to improved focus and a boost in your immune system, meditation could be your most powerful prescription to date. Oh, and unlike… Read More >

Yoga: So much more than a physical practice.

Over the last few weeks in class, I’ve been asking my students to take their yoga practice beyond their physical bodies and make it something more than just a physical exercise. I’ve been encouraging them to make it spiritual, emotional, metaphysical and really go beyond where the mind can take them. Vinyasa Yoga (which is… Read More >

The 5 keys to Finding Peace through the Holiday Season

As the holiday season swings into full gear, let’s take time to make sure we aren’t letting the stress and “busyness” of the holidays steal our peace and joy. The holidays can be a reminder of negative memories and past family tension. We all know that stress left unmanaged can take quite a toll on… Read More >

Pura Vida!  Finding “Pure Life” in my first visit to Costa Rica.

I recently had the opportunity to spend 10 days in the magical country of Costa Rica. My trip started by teaching yoga at a week long yoga retreat in Playa Hermosa. Although I was there to teach yoga, I had many opportunities to explore this beautiful place. In addition to the yoga, I went on two… Read More >

Playing Through the Pain

I grew up loving the game of baseball and played all the way until my senior year in college at Arizona State. After the 5th operation on my left knee, my body could no longer hold up. I had to give up my first love and spent many years after searching for a new identity… Read More >