March 12, 2018
  •  By: Tamir Miloh

Healthy, family-friendly recipes from True Food Kitchen

It’s common to lead a busy, fast-paced life, and regular days are often packed with numerous priorities and obligations when you run a family with children. It’s also common to overlook nutritious eating if faster, cheaper options are available, especially when you’re short on time, energy, food stability, etc. The Team at Texas Children’s Hospital wanted to collaborate to help arm parents with simple, healthy and delicious recipes to try at home with the kids. Cooking with your children is quality time spent together, and it’ll be easier to pass along food knowledge and positive eating habits to your children as they grow older and become responsible for their own diet, like when go away for college.

Ready to cook? The Texas Children Hospital will be sharing  these recipes throughout the month of March on their blog.  Keep an eye out for the first delicious creation here.

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