September 18, 2017
  •  By: Jessica Milligan

Why I Take a Day Off from Technology Once a Week

Notification after notification come across our phones every day. Someone is always posting a photo of their food, updating their status with the latest news or tweeting their thoughts on a matter. Social media is used by most everyone in the world and is a fantastic tool for connecting people, but should we take breaks from it? What could we gain from turning it all off for a full day, once a week?

What A Day Without Technology looks like:

The Night Before:

I turn off the notifications on my social media apps, email, anything that I would be tempted to click on. I place my phone in another room so I don’t grab it first thing when I wake up. I usually plan these days on the weekends, so I can fully enjoy the day and know that no one will be trying to reach me from work.

The Morning:
I like to make a nutritious (and yummy) breakfast and savor each and every bite. It’s much harder to slow down and enjoy food when distracted by a phone or the television. While I’m enjoying my meal, I spend some time reflecting on my intentions/goals, what I’m grateful for, or meditating. I take this opportunity to tap into the inner workings of my mind without interruptions.

The Day:
I will go about everything as usual, except I won’t use my phone (unless it’s an emergency) or turn on my television/computer. On my “no technology” days, I love to spend my time investing into relationships. I’ll plan coffee dates, hikes, dinner with the family or anything that I want to be fully present in. There is a better connection between my loved ones and I when I’m not constantly checking my phone.

The Night:
I struggle the most not to give into “just checking once,” so I put my phone on the charger and focus my mind on other tasks, like laundry or cleaning. I always find more motivation to do housework when all my devices are turned off. This time also allows me to expand my creativity in writing, art or cooking something new.

The silence is freeing and has become a new (once a week) normal for me.  A day off from technology shouldn’t feel imprisoning or forced, it should feel like a gift to yourself. A day to realign with nature, with your mind, with your loved ones.

Jessica Milligan is a fulltime college student studying chemistry, as well as a fulltime wellness and spiritual blogger. Shes devoted to sharing her spiritual knowledge and healthy habits for living a wholesome life. Her mission is to share how a balanced lifestyle includes food, fitness and faithFollow her on Instagram: @devotedexistence

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