June 14, 2017
  •  By: Sarah Pendrick

Advice On Self-Love From The GirlTalk Team – My Journey to Self Love

What is self-love? Everyone thinks…”well yes of course I love myself!” At least that is was I used to think. But did I really know what self-love truly meant?…no.

It all started for me in middle school. I developed sooner than most of the other girls therefore my journey of not knowing accepting myself began. I started being uncomfortable with my developing body and the comments that came along with them. How could I have a chance to love myself in a society that was telling me how to do that. Especially in an area that was out of my control. My body. I started to care a lot about what people thought and was living this life of worrying about everyone else first. In hiding myself I would ask everyone else for their opinions and not follow my own.

Has anyone else experienced this?

At my breaking point of being exhausted I decided to take the steps to start being myself. Then started my journey of self-love. The first step was starting to listen to my own voice. Just in this first step I started to see my life change. The more I shared the more I learned the value of being vulnerable, the more I learned what “love yourself” meant.

Every time we show our authentic selves, someone else will show their authentic self and the truth will get bigger and bigger. On my road to self-love,  I realized the very thing you fear most is the thing you need to do to set yourself free.

The minute I started to be myself and love myself I found my mission, and GirlTalk was born. GirlTalk is a movement and place for every women, in every stage of life. A movement and a tribe where we can be our authentic selves. We have an amazing group of women in our tribe that are on their journey to find self-love and we gathered their top 10 tips just for you!

Top 10 Tips on finding Self Love from The GirlTalk Team
•Trust Yourself. Make the decision and move on
•Learn from your mistakes, do not dwell on them
•Remember that failing brings you closer to what you want
•In the first hour of your day, concentrate on yourself, even if it’s a few minutes to let yourself know you love yourself. Begin your day with love not technology. You don’t have time? Switch the time you take to scroll and tell yourself things to make you feel good
•Do things that make you feel good
•Let go of toxic people and relationships
•Take responsibility. Stop repeating the actions that make you feel badly
•Be patient with yourself
•Don’t hold onto things you cannot control. The only thing you can control is yourself. Accept this.
•Have fun. Be real. The more you deceive others the worse things will get. Forgive yourself.

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Sarah Pendrick is a self-love advocate, model turned speaker and empowerment influencer with her Master’s in Psychology.  Her mission in life is all about helping people and spreading empowerment through her non-profit, events and programs. She’s passionate about adventure, connection and TFK’s Gluten Free pizza. Follow her on Instagram: @GirlTalkNetwork

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