May 31, 2017
  •  By: Jessica Hunter

5 Ways to Toss the Toast – Not the Avocado

I don’t know about you but I love a good piece of avocado toast (or three) as much as the next girl, but…with the summer right around the corner and my cute new itty bitty bikini on the brain, I decided it was time to toss the toast in search of some healthier options!

Don’t fret though! Avocado is an amazingly versatile fruit high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and its rich and creamy texture make it the perfect add in for everything from smoothies to breakfast bowls. So, read on for 5 equally delish and easy-to-make recipes no toast necessary:


1. Three Ingredient Summer Salad

•2 Avocados
•2 Mangoes
•1 Lime
•1 pinch of sea salt

To Make:
•Dice your avocados and mangoes into cubes and add to a large serving bowl.
•Slice your lime into wedges and squeeze over you bowl of mixed fruit.
•Stir the ingredients in the bowl to they are evenly mixed.
•Add a pinch of sea salt and enjoy!
•It’s that easy!

2. Belgium Chocolate + Avocado Protein Smoothie

•½ an Avocado
•1 Packet or Scoop of chocolate protein powder – I use Skinny Shake Belgium chocolate.
•1 cup of blueberries (or strawberries!)
•1 banana
•1 cup of Almond/Soy/Coconut milk depending upon preference

To Make:
•Blend the protein, blueberries, banana and avocado, and soy milk together and enjoy! This is a great meal replacement if you are super busy it also makes an AH-mazing treat after the gym!

3. Avocado + Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

•1 Avocado
•1 Hardboiled Egg
•1 Cup of Kale
•1 Cup of Cold Cooked Quinoa
•½ Cup of Chickpeas
•¼ Cup of Almonds
¼ of a Cucumber
•2 Tbs. of your dressing of choice – I use lemon poppy seed
•A pinch of pepper

To Make:
•Place your cup of kale in a large bowl then pour your cup of quinoa over it. (I like cooking a few cups of quinoa and keeping it in a Tupperware in the fridge because it is such an amazing and healthy grain to add to so many dishes.)
•Slice your avocado into long thin slices or cubes depending upon preference and place on top of your kale quinoa mixture.
•Dice your cucumber and add to the bowl.
•Cut your hard boiled egg in half (another option is sunny side up which is also delish!)
•Sprinkle your chickpeas and almonds on top.
•Top off with your dressing and pepper to taste and you are ready to go!

** Fun fact – this salad can also be made in a mason jar! The only difference is you will dice up your hard boiled egg and wait to add the dressing until you are ready to eat, which is a great option to pack for a healthy office lunch!

4. Three Ingredient Mood Boosting Breakfast Smoothie

•1 Avocado
•½ Cup of Mixed Berries – this is great because you can customize to your preference! I like blueberries or mangoes because seeds don’t get stuck in my teeth!
•¾ Cup of Almond/Soy/Coconut milk depending upon preference

To Make:
•Blend all three ingredients together and you are ready to go! This is such a fast and easy option and its great because it is high in fiber and protein, and the sugars will give you a natural boost of energy!

5. Mango Guacamole + Plantain Tostada Bites

For the Guacamole:
•2 Avocados
•½ Jalapeno
•1 Lime
•2 Tbsp. Cilantro
•¼ tsp of cumin
•Cracked Pepper

To Make the Guacamole:
•Mash the avocados in a small bowl
•Slice your lime into wedges and squeeze them into your avocado
•Dice your jalapeño and cilantro and stir it into the mashed avocado mixture
•Stir in the cumin and pepper to taste

**Fruity twist: Try adding diced mangoes and strawberries – it’s delicious!

For the Tostada Bites:
•1 Tbsp. of Coconut Oil
•2 Green Plantains
•Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt (To Taste)

To Make Tostada Bites:
•Heat your coconut oil in a skillet over medium heat.
•Peel and slice your plantains into thin slices (roughly ¼ inch thick)
•Add to the saucepan and brown on either side for about 5 minutes
•Remove them from heat and flatten them with the bottom of a drinking glass
•Season them with salt and pepper to your liking
•Return to heated pan and brown them for about 6 more minutes, flipping them to make sure that each side is evenly browned.

Jessica Hunter is the voice behind Chic & Disheveled, a fashion, fitness and lifestyle site dedicated to helping women refine their own sense of style. Sharing everything from daily outfit inspiration, and helpful hacks around the kitchen to motivating playlists and easy-to-follow exercises, she inspires her following to live a rich life on less. When she is not blogging, you can find Jessica in the boxing gym or working closely with up and coming businesses as an independent social media strategist, fashion stylist and photographer. Follower her on Instagram: @chicdisheveled.

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