March 15, 2017
  •  By: Sarah Pendrick

Breaking Old Habits and Limiting Beliefs

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.” – Louise Hay

When we were born we only lived in the moment. We didn’t think thoughts like, “that doesn’t happen to babies like me” or “I am not good enough for that.” Think about how brave we were as children – you wanted something you asked for it! When the world told you that you can’t have it, your response was – well why not?

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood our natural inclinations to dream big started to become inhibited by limiting beliefs. These beliefs may have come from our parents, a guardian, a teacher, or the world in general. After hearing so much of, “you can’t!” or “you should [fill in the blank]!” we start to adopt those beliefs and inhibit our natural desires. Before you start blaming others for your limiting beliefs, let’s start with awareness and understanding. These surroundings and people also got their limiting beliefs from somewhere too, through their own experiences and they continued the cycle by believing them and then repeating them and by no fault of their own continuing the cycle and installing them in others.

Let’s be the ones to break the cycle!
The first step in breaking the cycle of limiting beliefs is to recognize you need to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. 95% of the decisions we make come from what we tell ourselves. Some warning signs of self-doubt. Do you find yourself answering “yes, but…” when questioned about goals or progress? I have said those exact words before when making an excuse as to why I didn’t do something or why I thought I couldn’t.

In order to break through our old habits and limiting beliefs we have to TAKE ACTION. Have you ever heard “change your thoughts, change your life?”

Write down your limiting beliefs.
Your limiting beliefs can hide very easily, that is until you look them straight in the face. They seem to be very powerful because they are things you have thought for a long time. They seem natural and can hide behind our conscious awareness. Don’t let them hide. The first step is awareness: Make a list of your limiting beliefs. Not sure what your limiting beliefs are? Start by thinking of something you want to achieve, a goal, a wish and while thinking of this goal you start to feel resistance. Some examples of limiting beliefs: All the good ones are taken. That was too easy. It won’t last. I don’t have time. I have no clue where to start. I can’t start a business, I have no money. I am not good enough. I am too old.

Acknowledge that these are thoughts, not truths.
Sometimes this can be the hardest part. We hold on to these beliefs to protect ourselves. We feel inclined to explain WHY we think something or explain how hard it is because we feel we need to defend our thought process.

Let go of your limiting beliefs in exchange for new beliefs.
Start by creating a new habit. When you feel that old limiting belief creep in, turn it into a positive affirmation. “I’m not pretty enough, becomes I am beautiful.” When you hear those typical excuses pop into your head or come out of your mouth ask yourself HOW instead of WHY. If your limiting belief is, “I can’t get the job I want because I never went to college,” ask yourself how does not going to college make me any less qualified for this position? Make a list of the million and billionaires that never went to college. How did they do it?

Prepare for change. Begin using your new beliefs.
Get into the habit of using your new empowering beliefs as much as possible until it starts to feel natural. Push through the initial awkwardness and uncertainty. Be flexible in your approach, what works for one person isn’t always the exact recipe for you. Customize, make the changes throughout your journey.

Sarah Pendrick is a self-love advocate, model turned speaker and empowerment influencer with her Master’s in Psychology.  Her mission in life is all about helping people and spreading empowerment through her non-profit, events and programs. She’s passionate about adventure, connection and TFK’s Gluten Free pizza. Follow her on Instagram: @GirlTalkNetwork

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