February 13, 2017
  •  By: Scarlett Foltz

My favorite wellness teas and spritzers

I have so many favorites when it comes to wellness teas and spritzers. I know you are probably thinking alcohol when you hear the word spritzer, right? The spritzers I am referring to are non-alcoholic! If you have had the opportunity to try a tea or spritzer you know how delicious it can be minus the additional calories.

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My all-time favorite spritzer is the “Pressed Apple Soda” from True Food Kitchen. It tastes like an apple pie! It is so delightful and fresh, I am certainly going to have to try and recreate this at home sometime this week.

If you can’t make it to True Food Kitchen, I checked the menu and got most of the ingredients for all of you. This piece of heaven is not only delicious but it is also great for you. It is made of pressed organic apple, lemon, which aids in digestion, cinnamon, that helps lower blood sugar levels, and I’m assuming what might be a hint of soda water.

My favorite wellness tea from True Food Kitchen would have to be “Medicine Man.” You can’t and shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover, but in regards to this tea you sure can. It tastes as wonderful as it looks. It’s made with triple-brewed black tea, cranberry, that contains anti-inflammatory properties, pomegranate, that is high in fiber, honey, which helps reduces cough and throat irritation, and sea buckthorn, that eliminates skin rashes.  It’s a must have!

Some other wellness teas that I love to have at home are lavender, chamomile, green and peppermint tea. Anything with chamomile helps me relax and get a good night’s sleep. My favorite wellness tea that is my go to recipe at home includes:

•Green tea
•1 tablespoon of Honey
•1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger

What are some of your favorite wellness teas and spritzers?


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