January 29, 2017
  •  By: TFK

Simple ways to incorporate Raw Honey in your everyday diet and Beauty Regime

Raw honey has long been known for its medicinal and nutritional importance. Over the centuries, people have used it regularly in their day to day life for a delicious yet natural substitute for sugar. Not only is this natural sweetener a healthy alternative, it also offers many nutritional benefits.

Some of the natural benefits of raw honey include: helping with weight management, boosting energy, lowering cholesterol, supporting good bacteria, helping with digestion and working as an anti-inflammatory agent. With all these great benefits, it would only make sense to enjoy raw honey in your daily diet for the maximum benefits it has to offer.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate raw honey in your everyday diet and beauty regimes:

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Breakfast – Try adding a dollop of raw honey to your favorite yogurt for a delicious and healthy breakfast. Or instead of syrup, try spreading a teaspoon over some fresh toast bread, pancake or waffles. Honey gives you that instant boost you need in the morning to start off your day right.

Tea – Instead of adding sugar to your hot cup of tea, why not try adding a teaspoon of delicious and nutritious honey; or even add a slice of lemon for that extra taste. Raw honey is filled with antioxidants that help fight disease and improve your health. In order to acquire honey’s vitamins and minerals, make sure you pick a local raw honey, which is minimally processed.

Marinades & Dressings – Honey also adds great flavor to a variety of dishes, marinades, dressings and vegetables. The next time you make a marinade for lunch or dinner, consider adding honey to it, this makes the meat more tender and succulent and your salad dressing more flavorful.

Beauty Regimes – Honey doesn’t just do your body good on the inside, it also does your body good on the outside. It is great for your body, nails, and hair. Try honey with your bath as a scrub or a soak, use a hydrator for your cuticles, and even add it to a conditioning mask to help hydrate your hair.

Whether you’re adding honey to your breakfast, tea, marinades, or beauty regimes, there’s one thing we know for sure…you won’t regret it!

*Tip: When searching for a raw honey it should say 100% honey, and nothing else.

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