January 11, 2017
  •  By: Scarlett Foltz

5 Ways to use coconut: Out of the Kitchen

Have you ever tried using coconut oil in the kitchen? I use it all the time. Not only do I use it in the kitchen but I use it on myself as well! Sound strange? I know, I know, but trust me this do-it-all oil works wonders, and not just in the kitchen. Here are 5 ways to use coconut oil in your new and improved beauty routine.

1. Hair Treatment –  If your hair ever feels a bit dry, get about a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage it into your scalp and hair. Don’t forget your ends! I like to do this and then wrap my hair in a shower cap and leave it on my hair overnight. When you wake up make sure to wash your hair with extra shampoo to get it all out. Your hair will feel so silky smooth and shine bright like a diamond. I try to do this deep conditioning treatment once every two weeks. If your hair is extra dry, you may want to try applying this once a week.
2. Makeup Remover – Simply dip a q-tip into your coconut oil and use as your eye makeup remover. You will not need very much, as a little goes a long way! This will also save you a lot of money, as you won’t have to buy makeup remover from the store anymore.
3. Shaving Cream –  Rub a small amount of coconut oil onto your legs and shave. Coconut oil works great as shaving cream and also leaves your legs silky smooth. Make sure to rinse out your bath well so the next person who comes in to the shower doesn’t slip and fall.
4. Body Moisturizer – Instead of buying tons of expensive lotions with lots of chemicals, simply use coconut oil as your new favorite moisturizer. Your skin will be left nourished, moisturized and smelling delicious!
5. Cuticle Cream –  Want great looking nails? Rub a small amount coconut oil into your cuticles for healthy, and strong nails . Also while you are in the area, use it on your hands for a hand moisturizer.

*Tip: For all the above tips, the coconut oil should be warmed or at room temperature. Before I use it for a beauty treatment I usually take a spoon full out and mix it up in a bowl to make sure it is not a hard clump. If needed, you also can heat up the oil for 10 seconds in the microwave.

How do you use coconut oil? Have you ever used it outside of the kitchen?


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