December 26, 2016
  •  By: Scarlett Foltz

Zen nighttime routine for a restful sleep

Do you ever lay in bed, feel overwhelmed and struggle to fall asleep? Maybe your mind is wondering and you can’t get it to stop, you are stressing about something you should have done to prep for the next day or maybe you simply don’t feel relaxed. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there many times myself. I have tried tons of things over the years to help myself get a good night’s rest and I have found 6 things that really work wonders for me.

So, if you are having trouble getting rest or just feel a bit stressed in the evening, try these 6 steps below:

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    1. I love to have a hot cup of tea 30-40 minutes before bed. My favorite is the Nighty Night Tea from

Traditional Medicinals

    1. . I get mine at Target or most grocery stores have it.


    1. If your brain is in overdrive and you can’t get it to just shut down, just try meditating. I sometimes just sit in my bed and meditate or you can sit anywhere where you feel safe and comfortable in your home. I actually use an app called

 “Stop, Breathe & Think”

    1.  that guides me through meditation in regards to how I’m feeling that day. I’m new to meditating so the app helps me a ton.


    1. I’m a bath freak. I take a bath almost every single day. Bath’s help relax the mind and body. Try using some lavender bubble bath, epsom salt or a relaxing bath bomb for even more of a relaxing bath. I also light a candle on the bathroom counter and dim the lights, to help provide a soothing atmosphere. If you want to get even more relaxed, play some classical or spa music. I usually search for “Spa Playlist” on Spotify and let it play on my computer on the bathroom counter while I’m in the bath relaxing.


    1. I love lavender oil so much for relaxation purposes I use it in my baths and also right when I’m getting into bed. I dab a couple of drops on my wrists and chest and sometimes even a little on my pillow case. I take 3-4 deep breaths and feel at ease right away.


    1. – This is different for everyone. If you work in an office maybe pack your lunch for the next day or lay out your clothes, so it’s easier to get ready for your day. If you work from home get your work area at home ready for the next day. Make sure it’s clean and tidy so it’s easier to focus the next day.


    1.  – This is so important if you are arguing with a friend or loved one. It’s easy to stay up all night arguing if you really want to prove your point; sometimes it’s best to just let it go. I find that if you just drop it and say “let’s talk tomorrow”, usually both people are “over it” in the morning anyway.

I hope these tips help you have a zen evening and a good night’s sleep. What are some of your nighttime routine tips?

Sweet dreams,


Scarlett is a lifestyle blogger living in the moment. She focuses on mind & body, home décor, travel and a splash of fashion. When Scarlett is not blogging you can find her hiking, cooking, painting, at yoga or snuggling with her Great Pyrenees puppy, Winnie. Follow her on Instagram: @thescarlettsocial

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