November 11, 2015
  •  By: Jennifer Swanton

Ambition and a Morning Bike Ride

My name is Jennifer Swanton, I am a local entrepreneur who knew that she was destined to make a difference in the lives of others after battling Leukemia at the age of 15.  I have a passion for supporting my community and happily attribute much of my success as a cancer survivor to all of those who supported me as I fought for my life.  I recently created a product, J Swan Sleeves, to offer the comfort of protecting your arms from the elements (cold, sun, wind, etc) without the commitment of wearing long sleeved apparel.  I designed a patent pending sleeve, with pockets and a hook and ring hidden within them, to provide an easy way to connect them, and compact way to stow them once removed.  Additional, I thought it would be a fun by branding the sleeves with your favorite team, cause, business, etc they can be used to show your spirit for those that you support.  My design was envisioned for athletes and fans, but I believes  that everyone deserves “comfort without commitment” to easily adjust to changing climates and body temperatures, whether playing or working outdoors, in the office, at the movies, etc.

Jennifer swanton, bike

My desire to have every person own a pair of J Swan Sleeves reaches far beyond a product, success, or wealth- with the purchase of every pair of J Swan Sleeves, $1 will be donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to fund research for improved treatments for patients- and a cure for blood cancers.  Knowing that still today every 10 minutes a person dies from a blood cancer, and yet I survived, gives me motivation to fight for others.  I demonstrated my dedication to that cause recently by training for and serving as Team Captain to a group of cyclists, including 8 survivors, for a 100 mile bike ride at Lake Tahoe with LLS’ training program Team in Training.  My team raised over $166k for LLS and I was honored to be the Inspirational Speaker on the eve of the ride.  As I stated then, “I am confident that within my lifetime, we will have a cure.”  I look forward to launching J Swan Sleeves to the public, continuing to speak and fundraise for  LLS, and support my community~ which I do so having the sleeves made in Arizona.  My goal is to serve her purpose as a Survivor, and to inspire others to “become the person you want to be.”  I am confident that can be accomplished with strength, a positive attitude, determination, and by surrounding yourself with a trusting community who believes in and will support you.

Jennifer swanton, 3

Connect with Jenniger at  jennifer@jswansleeves or view her website www.jswansleeves.com


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