July 13, 2015
  •  By: Rachel Rummel

What Is Gai Lan?

Gai Lan

Gai Lan, or Kai-lan, is also called Chinese Broccoli or Chinese Kale. It has wide, flat leaves and a thick stem with tiny flowering heads. Most similar to broccoli, Gai Lan has a comparable flavor, but is noticeably stronger. It is a particularly popular component in Korean and Chinese cuisine, as well as in Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Because this leafy green is high in folate and calcium (nutrients which are most completely digested when eaten along with healthy fats), it is usually stir-fried to maximize nutrient absorption.

For a fantastic recipe featuring Gai Lan served with oyster sauce, as well as tips on how to pick out your own quality stalk at the grocery store, check out this article on Steamy Kitchen. Fresh garlic and ginger infused oil is used to add flavor and intensity to this crisp, hearty vegetable dish.

Gai Lan is found on True Food Kitchen’s Lunch and Dinner menus, served in the Red Chili Shrimp; mixed with sesame noodles (or gluten-free Shirataki noodles), spinach, shiitake mushrooms, and shrimp. This dish offers a fresh and nutritious take on classic savory Asian flavors like chili and garlic.

A fun fact about Gai Lan: broccolini is a hybrid between Gai Lan and Broccoli.

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