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5 Yoga Poses for Runners

Yoga has serious benefits for runners, including improving flexibility, easing aches and pains, and helping with recovering from long runs and races. Yoga helps with stability and core strength and opens up the lungs so runners can breathe more deeply. Whether you’re a long distance runner or just somebody who likes to get outside for »

The Benefits of Eating in Season

As a new season rolls by, an endless array for fresh produce becomes available for one to try. Eating and shopping for locally grown, seasonal food is lighter on your wallet than ordinary grocery stores, but how about the many other benefits of buying local produce beyond the cost savings? Here are some of the »
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The Alkaline/Acidic Balance AND YOU

You might have heard the hype surrounding alkalinity, or the pH balance in our systems. Maybe you’ve even gravitated towards alkaline-rich foods. But what is alkalinity and how is it good for you? Why does the word carry so much clout? Having the proper balance of alkaline and acid in your body is foundational to »

Pre-cleansing will change your life

Not everyone does yoga, but tons of people wear yoga pants. Cleansing isn’t so different. It’s no secret that the juice cleanse has caught on as one of the biggest dietary trends in the last decade. What’s important is that you learn how to walk the walk and prepare properly to get the most out »
6 Cooling Yoga Poses

6 Cooling Summer Yoga Poses

As the nights grow shorter and the days get hotter, it’s important to keep cool in both body and mind. Take a break from all that summer stimulation and recapture your sense of calm with a relaxing yoga flow. While yoga is a fantastic daily routine, it’s an equally great way to bring some cool balance to your »

Above the Fog: 5 Easy Swaps that Elevate your Mind

Whether it’s forgetting your coworkers name or starting a task and then realizing you can’t remember what you even started doing; gluten-induced brain fog can affect any aspect of your life. While it can be difficult to quantify and treat, it has been documented for years. That said, it’s not very often that there are »

Princess Pamper Party

My friends and I have been going to the same gal, Adriana, for our monthly facials. She’s an absolute doll. She uses all-natural ingredients for her solutions and masks and creates them right in front of you to cater to your skin’s specific needs. The best part? She teaches you natural remedies that you can »