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Let’s play word association: yoga. Did you think of a pose you’re working on? Your new mat? The patchouli oil your favorite teacher uses? An ashram somewhere in India? Now add the word “pants.” Are you even thinking about yoga anymore? I’m not. If you’re in America and among the ranks of the living, you’ve »

Playing Through the Pain

I grew up loving the game of baseball and played all the way until my senior year in college at Arizona State. After the 5th operation on my left knee, my body could no longer hold up. I had to give up my first love and spent many years after searching for a new identity »

Top 5 Halloween Movies to Stream

Nothing screams fall more than the popping some corn, dimming the lights, and curling up in a blanket to have a scary movie marathon. Here are 5 of the top scariest flicks to scream – I mean, stream – for a Halloween movie marathon worth dying over: Halloween (1978) – full movie available on YouTube »


By Ellen Hyner We live our lives worried about how we look. Think of all your critics and what they took. But as we grow…older, we always have a choice, We should embrace this Freedom and openly rejoice. In every decade we have fears to face, All of which bring us to our current place. »

Happiness is Yours

Happiness. It’s something we all try to attain. It’s also something very few of us know is our own personal responsibility. Your own happiness is not someone else’s job. It is your job and your job alone. No one can make you happy but you. That includes when you’re sitting next to your significant other »

Happy Fall Y’all!

It’s Fall. Which means pumpkin spice everything, cozy sweaters and the season with a reason to stay in, watch Netflix, wear warm socks and drink a big o glass of red wine, right?  Sadly, this year, that assumption is wrong.  Mother Nature has not synced up to my Google calendar. What is going on here?! »

Spin Your Way to Health

Fitness. For some, this is a daunting word. For others, it’s a word with meaning and power. Time and again research has shown that fitness and taking action in your health becomes a routine when it is easy and enjoyable. Eating healthy for example is easy for those who enjoy cooking their meals at home, »

Sustainable Fun? Aww, Shucks!

I love oysters for the obvious reason: they’re delicious. They’re delivered in exciting and grandiose ways at raw bars, outfitted with everything from mignonette to spiced cocktail sauce. They’re fun for the whole family (or just the cool half of your family… whatever.) Plus, they’re the healthiest thing you’ll ever order from a bar. In fact, »