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This year we skipped the kit and went “oh- na-tur-al” dying our Easter eggs and it was more fun than I expected.        Here’s how it works: Boil a dozen eggs. Set up shop with Bumkins splat mat and smock. Throw in some sticker accessories. Beets. Cabbage. Turmeric. Let’s go. For red dye: Take 2 beets »

A (healthy) SWEET TREAT

If there was such a thing as a “good” master-manipular, I would definitely fit the mold when it comes to my daughter. I’m consistently crafting my words and gestures in a way to mold her decisions and perspective. Most recently, I’ve been focusing in the kitchen and giving some energy to creating new snacks and »

Little Yogi

Stress. Heard of it? Thought so. Being a single-workin’ mama of a 4-year-old gal, that little s-word certainly likes to pop up from time to time. I’ll be brutally honest – when we roll up to home after the 5 o’clock hour as I lug backpacks, groceries, and my camera gear up our stairs and »

Yoga: So much more than a physical practice.

Over the last few weeks in class, I’ve been asking my students to take their yoga practice beyond their physical bodies and make it something more than just a physical exercise. I’ve been encouraging them to make it spiritual, emotional, metaphysical and really go beyond where the mind can take them. Vinyasa Yoga (which is »

Nerd Alert/Podcast Trend

If listening to Podcasts is nerdy, I don’t want to be cool.  Seriously…Podcasts have changed my life! When you hear the word Podcast, one quickly thinks of NPR and/or your parents forcing you to listen to AM radio in the morning on the way to school as a kid.  Sooooo boring…but maybe, just maybe, your »

Valentine, You Blow My Mind

Ever since I watched the documentary Fed Up, I’ve been scarred by the thought of sugar. (Take 2 minutes to watch this, talk about mind blown…) So when a holiday or special event comes up, I try to be creative in ways to steer my almost 4-year-old daughter away from as much sugar as possible – »

Sisters, Reformed.

A year ago, I never dreamed I would be a Pilates instructor. And teaching spin…definitely out of the question. Talking and working out at the same time…not to mention being motivating, upbeat and fun?!  Not a chance. Well, it’s crazy just how much can change in a year.. In the last seven months, I have »

A New Superfood Granola

I love granola for so many reasons, especially since it can be enjoyed so many ways.  It’s versatile enough to take along on a hike instead of trail mix or used to sprinkle on top of a salad for some extra crunch and a touch of sweetness. Most traditional granolas are loaded with hidden oil »