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You’re on a Roll this Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to create healthy spins on your favorite foods. This season, I was inspired to take one of my go to holiday party appetizers – homemade sushi – and add a simple twist that makes them a show-stopper. For this rendition of the veggie sushi rolls, I used quinoa instead »

That Time I Decided to Become a Vegan

There’s a documentary that came out in September that’s creating quite the buzz in the foodie/environmental world. The documentary was released almost two months ago, and with Thanksgiving here, we need to talk. The documentary is named Cowspiracy. It explores “the most destructive industry facing the planet today and investigates why the world’s leading environmental »

Good For You Thanksgiving Pies

As a food blogger and cooking instructor, I frequently get requests for healthy versions of popular recipes.  Skinny spaghetti, gluten-free pasta salad, and how to lighten up my breakfast casserole have all been recent requests. I find that people are conscious of their eating habits and I’m all too happy to make suggested changes based »

Ambition and a Morning Bike Ride

My name is Jennifer Swanton, I am a local entrepreneur who knew that she was destined to make a difference in the lives of others after battling Leukemia at the age of 15.  I have a passion for supporting my community and happily attribute much of my success as a cancer survivor to all of those who supported me as »

A Few Ways to Show You’re Thankful

Sometimes it is easier to pass up the chance to say thank you than to actually say those two tiny words. Let’s show some gratitude this season with some fun ideas that will make anyone’s day. Give a free hug. Yes, that is it. If you are not big on embracing someone, eye hugs are »


Let’s play word association: yoga. Did you think of a pose you’re working on? Your new mat? The patchouli oil your favorite teacher uses? An ashram somewhere in India? Now add the word “pants.” Are you even thinking about yoga anymore? I’m not. If you’re in America and among the ranks of the living, you’ve »

Playing Through the Pain

I grew up loving the game of baseball and played all the way until my senior year in college at Arizona State. After the 5th operation on my left knee, my body could no longer hold up. I had to give up my first love and spent many years after searching for a new identity »