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5 Benefits of Meditation

Not long ago, the benefits of meditation were merely products of speculation. But now scientific proof, top athletes, and the world’s most powerful people are meditating daily. From stress reduction and pain relief to improved focus and a boost in your immune system, meditation could be your most powerful prescription to date. Oh, and unlike »


We’ve all heard of a little thing called, D.I.Y., but how about G.I.Y.? That’s right, we’re talking about growing it yourself, and that it being the delicious vegetables that you work into your healthy recipes. At True Food Kitchen, we’re strong believers in crafting our dishes with the freshest ingredients, and what better way to »

A Reason to Run

You either love running or hate it, right? I’ve been in and out of the running game since my sophomore year running cross country at Arcadia High School. When the weather is at its prime here in Phoenix, I get the itch to soak up the fresh air and strive for a reason to run. »

Rollin’ With The (foam roller) Homies

  Very few workouts ask you to refrain from cardio for 21 days, but that is just what Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique does.  I could end the post right here, as I’m sure most of you are thinking “You had me at NO CARDIO,” but please, let me continue. »


This year we skipped the kit and went “oh- na-tur-al” dying our Easter eggs and it was more fun than I expected.        Here’s how it works: Boil a dozen eggs. Set up shop with Bumkins splat mat and smock. Throw in some sticker accessories. Beets. Cabbage. Turmeric. Let’s go. For red dye: Take 2 beets »

A (healthy) SWEET TREAT

If there was such a thing as a “good” master-manipular, I would definitely fit the mold when it comes to my daughter. I’m consistently crafting my words and gestures in a way to mold her decisions and perspective. Most recently, I’ve been focusing in the kitchen and giving some energy to creating new snacks and »

Little Yogi

Stress. Heard of it? Thought so. Being a single-workin’ mama of a 4-year-old gal, that little s-word certainly likes to pop up from time to time. I’ll be brutally honest – when we roll up to home after the 5 o’clock hour as I lug backpacks, groceries, and my camera gear up our stairs and »

Yoga: So much more than a physical practice.

Over the last few weeks in class, I’ve been asking my students to take their yoga practice beyond their physical bodies and make it something more than just a physical exercise. I’ve been encouraging them to make it spiritual, emotional, metaphysical and really go beyond where the mind can take them. Vinyasa Yoga (which is »