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Benefits of eating more vegetarian meals

As a registered dietitian, I am asked almost daily about which diet is best. The truth is, there is no single best diet. Nutrition is very individualized and there are many healthful eating patterns that work for different people. There are definitely some dietary patterns that are healthier than others, though. While I am definitely… Read More >

The Spice You Should Be Adding to Your Diet

Turmeric seems to be popping up all over the place lately. From golden milk lattes to soups and curries, turmeric has become a popular ingredient over the past couple of years because of it’s touted health benefits. While many foods that seem to become popular overnight are mostly marketing gimmicks, turmeric has deep-rooted health benefits… Read More >

Breakfast Quinoa Bowls

Cold temperatures this time of year have my body craving something warm and nourishing to get me up and out of bed in the morning. I love making eggs and sautéed veggies most mornings, but some days I just need a steaming bowl of something cozy. It’s days like these that only a hot bowl… Read More >

Tips for Navigating the Farmers Market

As a food blogger, one of my favorite things to do is shop for fresh seasonal produce. I could spend hours admiring fruits and veggies, no matter where they are sold. One of the best places to get the most local seasonal produce is at the farmer’s market. As the weather cools down, there’s no… Read More >