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CHAKRAS: Your subtle body’s energy

What are Chakras? The 7 chakras found in your subtle body (or spiritual body) are sources in which energy flows through and are located along the spine. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, “chakra” means wheel. The chakras can be thought of as wheels of powerful energy within your body that correspond with your… Read More >

6 habits to add to your routine for a healthier you

New Year, New Wellness Habits: With the New Year quickly approaching, you may be thinking about how you can update your wellness routine for a healthier, happier you in 2017. It seems like every year there are new health trends that come out, and while some come and go, the truly beneficial ones stick around… Read More >

Holiday stress reducing practices

Holiday stress can get the best of us. While the holidays should be a joyous time when you get to spend time with loved ones, the chaos of planning for them, on top of the busy lives we already lead can be enough to leave anyone feeling frantic and overwhelmed. During this time of year,… Read More >

Cultivating a Mindful Morning and Nighttime Ritual

While you may not realize it, you already have a morning and nighttime ritual that you do on a daily basis. Do you shower? Brush your teeth? Watch TV? More than likely, you answered yes to all of these things. But what about approaching your morning and nightly rituals more mindfully? You can do this… Read More >

Self-care Rituals for Better Health

Self-care is a topic that has started to take center-stage in the wellness scene. People are starting to catch on to the belief that before they can care for others, they must first take care of their own well-being. Running ourselves to the ground trying to help others, while forgoing our own health and personal… Read More >

Eating With The Seasons

Eating seasonal is getting back to the basic foundation of how people used to eat when they grew their own food. It focuses on consuming foods during the time of year that they’re grown and harvested. This allows you to eat the food when it’s at the freshest, tastiest and most nutrient prime. Unfortunately, with… Read More >

Chia Seed Pudding Gets a Seasonal Makeover

What used to only be found in pie around the Holidays has turned into a season of pumpkin. As soon as it starts to feel like Fall, every food imaginable has turned into that festive pumpkin flavor. From lattes, to snacks like pumpkin bread, to smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes and more. Who can be blamed though?… Read More >