July 29, 2015
  •  By: TFK

Top 5 Best Water Workouts

Sometimes, Summer forces us to workout indoors because it’s too dang hot. But have no fear, we have some suggestions to keep you fit while basking the in sun and staying cool — all at the same time. Take a look at our top 5 must try water workouts!

Paddle Boarding
This fun activity has everyone caught in a balancing act. All you need is a paddle, a long surfboard, a [optional] life vest and yourself. Coast out to the water and paddle your way to a stronger core. Try it out for a week; your abs will thank us.

Treading Water
While it may not sound like the most fun activity in the bunch, treading water for just one minute will shed you about 11 calories. Add a little spice to the work out and play Marco Polo…by only treading water.

Water Volleyball
Grab some buds, a beach ball and play a little game of volleyball in the pool. Your competitive bug will make you forget you’re burning calories while you BUMP, SET, SPIKE!

Bodyweight Circuit in the Pool
More and more fitness enthusiasts and trainers swear by bodyweight workouts. Next time, take it to the water; this will apply a little more resistance without the weights. Here is a quick workout you can try next time.

– Cannonballs: 15x
– Alternating Jump Squats: 15x
– High-Knee Sprints: 30 seconds
– Rest: 15 seconds (optional)
– Alternating Fish Hooks: 30 total
– Current Sprint: 30 seconds
– Rest: 15 seconds (optional)
– Tread Water: 1 minute
Repeat 3 times.

Good Ole’ Fashion Laps
Nothing beats laps in the pool than laps in the pool. Start slow and work your way to longer strides in the water. You can also increase laps each day, which will help improve your endurance and cardio. Laps are an absolute full body workout.

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